Commitment and ethics

Commitment and ethics of OEM power electronics Industry

We adopt a professional procedure and only accept assignments for which we are sure to be able to bring real added value.

Our actions and creations in power electronics are made respecting your confidentiality, and once acommitment is taken, every project ispersonally monitored.

The designs are adapted to the volume and location of production, the study takes into account the most optimised technical and economical solution.

OEM Industry owes its development andsuccess to the involvement of its colleagues, our team shares common values towards a single aim: satisfying our customers.

We constituteda network of external expertise in sheet metal working, sub assembling, plastic moulding, aluminium extrusion, electronic SMD, under partnership contracts.

A purchasing agency in Asia provides a link with the international market. Specific constraints linked to yourjob are harmonisedwith the normative environment, ecological designbeing takeninto account.

An expertise in electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety are included in our know how.

Wecommitted ourselves incomplete transparency of our procedures to perpetuateour customer relationships.

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