Certification approval ISO certified - ETL and KEMA approuved factory

Certification approval

The company is  ISO certified 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 
Approvals No. FR036520-1 et FR036519-1.

The manufacturing plant received a positive FII (Factory Initial Inspection) from ETL and KEMA organizations, authorising  the use of  UL and CSA labels.
Quarterly audits are carried out by these organizations.
Our quality service operates, according to the ISO process based on the pilots in charge of their respective processes.
It has the responsibility for non-compliant products, from identification to segregation, then the search for the causes of non-compliance relying on the production manager and technical service, it manages the monitoring and corrective actions plans.

Download PDF of the certificate of approval ISO 9001

Download PDF of the certificate of approval ISO 14001



An annual audit is published, the conclusions are published and exploited then corrective actions are taken. 

Download PDF of our quality policy

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