Flyback or forward quasi resonant mode

Energy conversion


Our expertise and capability in specific customer requirements, allows us to propose a large range of innovative solutions from 1W to few Kilowatts, in power suppliesDC to DC  converters and  battery chargers with mono or multiple outputs.

The use of classical topologies as flyback or forward modes allows getting robust and economic electronic products, with high MTBF.
For applications requiring to be kept in high temperature conditions, large efficiency requirements or strict characteristics of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), we use symmetrical type topologies, as for example quasi resonant mode, which can if needed, be coupled with synchronous rectification.

These products are often built with active or passive type PFC, with different modes of functioning (continuous, discontinuous, medium), to enable a large input voltage range and a form factor complying with international regulations.

  • Power supplies
  • Buck  DC to DC Converters
  • UPS
  •  NiMH,CdNi Battery chargers
  •  Li-ion Chargers
  • Switching power supplies
  • Boost DC-DC Converters
  • Battery chargers Pb
  • Li-ion 
  • Switching power supplies , for ATM machine
  • Switching power supplies , for  bare code printer
  • Industrial power supplies with PFC UL/CSA
  • Medical Power supplies 
  • Battery chargers for power management systems
  • Switching power supplies for  medium voltage applications
  • Switching power supplies for cash dispenser
  • Automotive UTAC norm 
  • Military battery charger MILHDBK/ EG13 norms.
  • Roll stock and train converters EN50155
  • High voltage modules
  • Video systems Power supplies

Energy Conversion