low noise and ripple switching power supplies

Medical certifications, and international norms are considered since  the design step, we dedicate our experience to your products from  the specification step to the certification of the finished product,  our team provides assistance until CB report and international deviations are obtained.

Alimentation norme médicale EN60601-1 Alimentation pour imprimante ATM Alimentation CE UL CSA
Very low noise and ripple switching power supplies including a current limit and security on the Doppler probe connected to the patient ,  EN 60601-1 and  UL2601 norms. Switching power supplies 450W with  current impulse on the main outputs   UL/CSA CE certified (safety UL 1950 and CSA ) Switching power supplies including PFC 350W  wide input range and communication link RS 232, ROHS UL/CSA CE certified