Intelligent and tactile programmable spot lighting

Leds lighting


To design a Leds lighting system, with white or RGB colour it is necessary to take into account :

  • The power supply grants the reliability,  this is the weak point of the global system. The respect of the optoelectronic component (led) requirements must be made by a full control of the current,  key point of the lifetime,  the performance and the light flux.
  • The thermal management is dominating on the colourimetric and  spectral influences, the possible length wave drift,  component temperature class to use, all this  directly contributes to the final cost.
  • The optical design and associated devices affects the light (luminance and residual flux, energy efficiency).

Several types of communication protocols are available, by wire as (DALI, DMX, RSxx,…) or remote control (RF,PLC,…).

Our experience in these different domains, allowed us to accomplish competitive and innovative high-performance products with the most recent diodes available on the market.


  • Power supplies  low derating
  • Power leds Electronics systems 
  • RGB lighting control equipment
  • Power led RGB DALI DMX signal settings 
  • Temperature controlled power supplies
  • Warm and cools white lighting systems
  • Leds luminaries
  • Train light passenger sit
  • Drivers multiple outputs 350mA -750ma -1A
  • Electronic transformer
  • Dimmer
  • Electronic drives 
  • Integrated SMI PCB 
  • Polychromatic lighting
  • Intelligent programmable spot lighting

Cluster lumière

Leds Lighting