Optimising motor performances and reducing level of EMC disturbances.

Motor control and speed drives

Hardware solutions for motion and speed control motorfor stepper motor, brushless or DC current motors have been developed.

These cards provide speed regulation and accurate positioning,optimising motor performances and reducing level of EMC disturbances.

A complete library of dedicated software allowsadaptations of the command laws and all inductive parameters in eachoperating motor conditions.

These commandmodules can be combinedwith PFC form factor modules or power supplies to achievereal power blocks.

  • Speed and position motor control
  • Brushless and asynchronousmotion control drives
  • Stepperdrivers
  • DC-DC motor drives
  • Multi axis system command
  • Interfaceman machine / IMM
  • Automatism
  • Regulation and positioning systems
  • Speed control forindustrial triphase motors
  • U/Ffrequency drives with PFC
  • Power modules formulti-axis machining machine
  • Stepper control for medical application
  • Microturbine for automatic medical device
  • Operator Interface
  • Automatic door systems
  • Electrical locks