Final Production, assembly, functional and security tests are achieved in our Bessey factory plant. The functional and security tests accomplished on 100 % of our production (electrical, dielectric tests, earth continuity).
Testing and thermal endurance (debugging maps, burning, climatic and humidity tests) are performed at request.

Special techniques as resin moulding, product varnishing, are performed in a protected room.
Our production plant provides: 

  • Programming cards and management of software versions.
  • The control input subsets, integration and assembling of finished products.
  • The electrical and functional tests, on automatic test benches, according to pre-established procedures.
  • The molding or varnishing on electronic pcb board.
  • Monitoring quality and traceability, manufacturing test results and compliance tests are recorded.

Test equipment and facilities

  • Digital Oscilloscopes ( Tektronics TDS3034, 2014, 220…)
  • Analog Oscilloscopes  ( Metrix OX8620, 800…)
  • Programmable alternative power supplies, variable transformers.
  • Charge bench for asynchronous motors (Magtrol) .
  • Climatic chamber 10 degrees per minute with relative humidity ( Climat)
  • Automatic ATE testers
  • Main adapters, signal network analyser for EMC disturbances ( PVM 8010 )
  • Burn in and endurance testers.


Just in time delivery (EDI, KANBAN), supply of finished products.

The after-sales department and product support contributes to continuous improvements in engineering and design process, to organise information and to enhance the return on experience.

  • Storage of subset parts and finished products delivery.
  • Maintaining operational products, which are updated according to the evolution of technologies and regulations in force.
  • Testing of electrical security and earth continuity.
  • The measurement, control and testing, are standardised by specialised and certified COFRAC laboratories, and within each device has a life file.



  • Frequency meters, Multimeters
  • Programmers - Emulators.
  • C Compilers (Nec, ST, Freescale, Microchip ....)
  •  HIPOT testers (Sefelec)
  • Dielectrimeter and safety testers (Sefelec)
  • Automatic testers and automatic interfaces (OEM)