Industrial power supply for CPU

OEM Industry was established in 1992

  • Our main know-how consists to create products and electronic subassemblies according to the customer's requirements, in total respect with international regulations. 
  • The activity concerns power electronics,  switching power suppliesDC/DC converters and battery chargers for Pb NiMH Lithium-Ion, speed and motion  control solutions, automatism and regulation,  Led lighting.

Product range

  • AC/DC industrial switching power supplies
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Battery Chargers  Pb NiMH Lithium-Ion
  • Power factor Correction form modules PFC
  • Drivers and indexers for brushless motors, stepper and DC motors
  • Asynchronous speed drives
  • OEM has developed a large range of products in energy conversion , for safety applications in fire detection, hospital and buildings protection, industry, leds lighting, dimming and RGB intelligent lightingspeed and motion motor control.
  •  Our competitive advantage is based on our flexibility, our professionalism, product support and research of the best innovative solution for our customers.
  •  OEM industry have the use of  design and production facilities in two factories located in the north of LYON ( Mâcon), Burgundy region. 

  • Real time  microcontroler  monitoring - Automatism
  • Electronic for specific machines
  • Drivers and power supplies for power Leds
  • Automatism for automatic doors
  • Speed and motion motor control (asynchronous, brushless, dc motor)