Purchases and supplies in the power electronics domain

We put our purchase department at your disposal, supplemented by a sourcing and import storing facilities in Hong Kong, we provide the management of electronic components and strategic long time veil, the monitoring of parts and technological development.

 The purchases of equipment and service outsourcing represent more than   65 % of our turnover, we suggest purchases in currencies, if necessary, on the most competitive markets. We have specialised partners, in France and abroad, all are  ISO 9001 approved.


Electronic components and reliable supplies bring you a complete quality from design to manufacturing.

Precautions are taken to prevent the deterioration of products and to keep their compliance, items are managed in FIFO mode, and the components are destroyed if their code date is over 2 years old.

The sales department is at your disposal to study your needs; it can provide the availability of supplies and market operation, in Kanban type or web EDI.

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