Research and Development

OEM INDUSTRY promises to put the expertise of its specialised teams and the experience brought by more than 22 years of practice in innovation at your service. Our company is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

 More than 150 original products developed, a park of more than 450.000 products, in use all over the world, validate our know-how and assure you a minimum risk-taking up to the completion of your project.

In the course of time, we constituted a library of patterns and relevant algorithms, which we put at your service. 

We accompany you during the main steps of the project :

  • Preparation of the specifications.
  • Value analysis.
  • Eco design.
  • Choice of techno-economical solutions.
  • Design verification.
  • Design and validation of prototypes.

Studies and development of solutions in energy conversion, correction module shape factors, PFC (power factor corrector), electronic steeping motor, industrial lighting, pwm for driving led power.

Thermal calculations, transformer calculation, computer-aided design CADEMC testing and electric safety, environmental testing, product qualification, assistance for certification, compliance and obtaining  certificates from international organizations UL-CSA- TÜV – CE

 Abnormal tests, industrialization.



  • Analysis and MTBF calculation.
  • Test and tool definition.
  • EMC and electrical safety
  • Choice of means of production, industrialization.
  • Certification and normative testing with certified laboratories.
  • Manufacturing files.


Our  partners  in innovation :

Oséo, Bourgogne conseil régional, Bourgogne innovation


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